I had a great time, Jenn is very kind and although I don't have any experience, she made me feel very comfortable. Good exercise and a good way to enjoy yourself.

— Anna H

I have tried several modern dance/hip hop classes in Madrid and none has satisfied my soul and body like those taught by Jennifer. Jennifer is undoubtedly one of the best dance teachers I have ever met: with her patience, humor and creativity, she is able to break down all the steps of the choreography for you to get it and the first 20 minutes she dedicates to getting your body ready to dance through exercises and stretching. The group is also very understanding of native and non-native speakers of English. I recommend it with all my heart!

—Nayé D

Fun and great classes for personal fitness as well. I especially enjoyed the classes in which we learned the choreography of different hip hop tracks. Highly recommended!

— Melissa C

Jenn's dance classes are really for everyone, of all ages and abilities, and they are a lot of fun.

You get excellent training (including stretching and proper cardiovascular exercises) without realizing it and learn fun choreographies with all kinds of pop music.

Jenn is friendly, accessible and a fantastic teacher. She makes sure that everyone can continue, from beginners to advanced students, in a fun and inclusive environment.

You can also request any type of choreography you want and also private lessons for things like your wedding dance. Jenn made ours and it was fabulous. He was patient and brilliant.

I can't recommend her enough.

— Phil V

Jennifer creates excellent choreography for all levels. In her VideoClip class, dancing to popular music that is a great complete workout that is extremely fun. I recommend everyone to go to Jennifer for all their choreography needs!

— Victoria S

I love Jen's classes! Full of energy, joy and fun! Jen is a person with a lot of experience, creativity and passion for what she does. I recommend it 100%!

— Ashley A

I have been various times to the weekly classes and for the weekend workshops. Jennifer is a very patient and good teacher and her classes aren't overly technical (but there's always options to do the moves with more technique).


In addition the classes aren't full of pretentious people, which can happen in other academies with semi professional dancers. I would recommend doing dance classes with Jen 100%!

— Lynette

Jenn is really so much fun! She teaches in a way that anyone can understand. You leave feeling like you're Beyoncé, with confidence included!

— Sirena

I love Jenn's classes! She is a professional choreographer AND a defender of female empowerment, and she brings those passions to the dance floor. I have a lot of fun, I do a great exercise and I feel stronger and sexier after your classes. I'm not a very experienced dancer, but I'm proud to say that I can learn a new choreography with her at the end of each class! I also enjoy your online classes. They kept my mood (and my body in shape) during last year's running of the bulls. Highly recommended!

— Shannon S

I really recommend this! Jennifer organized a dance workshop for my friends and me for my birthday. It was a lot of fun. She took us through the choreography step by step and at the end of the class we were able to do a complete routine. We had a great time!

— Katie D

Great fun for any level. I also recommend the Saturday and/or Sunday workshops. Whatever your skill, you will feel comfortable and welcome.

— Adam S

I tried this class after a friend told me. Although I'm not the type to join a dance class, I decided to try it, and I'm very happy to have done it! Jennifer has a lot of energy and adjusted the class to meet all levels. It was fun and a great exercise. If you are looking to try something new, I recommend this. It's super accessible and it was in English. (Which I appreciated because my Spanish is still a little rough).

— Peter 

What incredible and fun classes! Jenn is very welcoming and makes it easy to learn really great routines! Do I highly recommend your incredible classes?

— Natalie O

I've been going to Jen's dance classes for a couple of years and they're a lot of fun. Really great dance classes in the centre of Madrid. Jennifer is a fantastic teacher and it’s really fun learning the choreography to some of my favourite songs. Genuinely suitable for all levels.

— Bethany N

I took a class with Jen with a lot of other mother friends and she was fantastic. None of us had much experience in dance, but she made it fun and very easy to learn. And let's sweat!

— Lucy W

I did a workshop with Jenn and it was a great experience! Fun music and she really helped to break down the movements so that we could all understand! I defiantly felt that I could dance to the rhythm of the music video afterwards! I would recommend it!

— Fiona V

Jenn leads incredible classes and workshops. The choreography follows some excellent dance videos, but it makes it really easy to learn. After a workshop, you are surprised to discover that you have learned the whole song. She also has a large group of students and you can enter or register for the month in addition to her Sunday workshops, so it is very easy to enter a class if you travel or find a new group of friends if you are in Madrid to come every week. I've even taken her classes online!

— Ryan F

My partner and I took private classes with Jennifer for our wedding dance in the comfort of our home this fall of 2021. We went from zero to spins, dips and lifts in only 5 classes all because of Jennifer’s incredible ability to teach dance to anyone and make us feel so at ease the entire time. Our classes were weekly, but in between classes Jennifer was constantly attentive, sending us messages and voice notes for updates and feedback. We’re amazed at her ability to teach us so much in such a short amount of time. We thought it would be overwhelming as neither my partner nor I had any previous experience with dancing, but Jennifer made it all possible (and fun)! Not only did our wedding dance turn out fabulous and all of our guests swoon over it, but also we now have base dancing skills that will last us a lifetime whenever we attend any future event where feet are moving on the dance floor. We cannot recommend Jennifer enough for any of your dancing needs - especially private classes! She’s kind, talented, fun, professional, helpful and everything you could every want in a teacher. Thank you a million Jennifer!!

— Kelly Lammers

Really love taking dance classes with Jennifer! Her 'music video' style classes where you learn the routine of a popular artist are so much fun. She explains the steps well and is a great teacher. My favourite part of the week!

— Orlagh

I really look forward to Jenn’s online class each week. Her choreography is modern and sophisticated, but she makes it very easy to learn and in a fun environment, which is a lot down to Jenn and her personality too. It’s a great class and a great group of people which makes for the most fun exercise (body and mind) I do all week!


Fantastic dance teacher with a passion for dance and sharing it with others. I've found Jennifer's classes to be fun, suitable for all levels and a great way to get fit! Thanks for all your hard work Jennifer!

—Francesca Di Mambro

Jennifer is fun and a great teacher, who is spilling out with positivity. Great classes with people who don't take themselves too serious but love to have fun and dance into healthier lives.

—Adam Smith