Hello beauties!

 I started my love affair with beauty, skincare makeup artistry 2 decades ago when I moved to Dublin, Ireland directly after graduating from Columbia University, for no other good reason that it felt like the right thing to do at the time.  Post 9/11, New York City had become a different city, and even though logic would dictate that budding choreographer should stay, I knew I needed a change.

 As I pounded the cobblestones of Dublin, CV in hand, looking for a job - any job really- I wearily stumbled into Brown Thomas on Grafton Street and sat down at the Lancôme counter to take advantage of the “free mini makeover” that was on offer, hoping it might lift my spirits. After a quick consultation and lovely chat with the counter manager, she gingerly asked “would you not consider working here..? We’d love to have a gorgeous girl from New York like you working with us at Lancôme.” And really, the rest is history! I found my “home of beauty” at Lancôme, where I was trained extensively in skin care, fragrance, and of course makeup artistry - and I learned first-hand the transformational power of makeup. I’ve helped women see themselves in the mirror in new ways, sometimes even re-born, and always beautiful- looking like themselves, not like someone else.
I feel so grateful that I have been able to hone this skill over so many years, lending my expertise to brides and bridesmaids, for photoshoots of all kinds, and teaching individuals how to do their own makeup looks from day to night. Makeup certainly isn’t necessary... AND it really can be quite powerful.

I look forward to working with you!


“Jenn was amazing for the day of my branding shots and knew exactly what I needed. I wanted the natural look, and Jenn absolutely delivered. And at the same time I learnt some new tips for doing my makeup.

I can’t recommend Jenn enough, she’s so personable, efficient and such the professional artist. Thank you so much for helping me bring my brand @roaming_mamas to life.”


Project Manager, Griefspan Coach & Community Builder

“You made me feel like a boss yet regal like a helped me to harness that power within that laid dormant.....when I look in the mirror I smile back because I feel an extra boost of confidence.”



''I had such a wonderful experience working with Jennifer for my recent head shots. It can feel intimidating to be camera-ready for photos that I'll use in a professional capacity but Jennifer made the process really easy. I was very happy that the look was natural and I felt beautiful and at ease on the day. Having a great experience with a makeup artist and a look that felt 'like me' made my shoot day that much easier and I'm thrilled with the results.'


 Career Coach