International Dancer, Choreographer & Movement Consultant from New York

From Manhattan to Madrid

I am a choreographer, dance instructor, and a movement specialist currently based in Madrid, Spain but I am originally from New York. I am also a mother, an entrepreneur, a Super-She (advocate for female empowerment via women supporting other women) and a facilitator/trainer with a passion for breaking down culturally constructed walls to promote diversity and inclusion, connecting people in an authentic way, and helping them boost their own confidence so that they may reach their highest potential and achieve their personal and professional goals. I was born to a Belizean father and German-American mother, raised in New York, and have lived and worked in many parts of the USA and Europe. I proudly received my B.A. from Columbia College of Columbia University in the City of New York.

While in New York City, I received both training and professional experience in the performing arts- voice, theatre and most extensively dance- in a vast array of dance styles, and worked often in the world of musical theatre and opera. I choreographed many musicals drawing from my training in several different forms of dance, including Jazz, Tap, Modern, Ballet, African, Haitian, Afro-Caribbean, Irish Step, Viennese Waltz, Swing, Tango and Salsa among others. I worked and performed with The Glimmerglass Opera in Upstate New York. I taught regularly at the Bridge For Dance Studio in the Upper West Side of Manhattan and the McBurney YMCA in Union Square. I also learned and taught ballroom and social dance styles with Fred Astaire Dance Studios in West Palm Beach, Florida (Foxtrot, Rhumba, Waltz, American Tango, Swing, Salsa, Cha-Cha) and taught “Modern Jazz” and “Video-Clip” dance at Egurrola Dance Studios of Warsaw, Poland. I have also taught dance workshops at the Studio Harmonic in Paris, Dance Base in Edinburgh, the Dance Theatre of Ireland in Dublin, and the Caribbean Dance Studio in Stockholm, Sweden. I love to teach group classes as well as private lessons, from very experienced dancers to absolute beginners. Dancing is one of my great passions, and I love to share this passion with others. I truly believe that EVERYONE can dance.

For the past 10 years I have worked primarily in Europe, with children as well as adults, and have even had the opportunity to work with Spanish celebrities such as super-model Nieves Alvarez as well as beauty guru Myriam Yébenes. I have also acted as a key-facilitator and coordinator at large events in both the corporate and public sector, focusing on personal as well as professional development. I also co-develop and deliver personal development wellness courses and transformational confidence coaching workshops, using a combination of mindfulness and performing arts exercises. 

Most recently, I was delighted to be a part of the making of the viral music video and song of the Summer 2019 "I Like to Pump" as choreographer, shoot facilitator and a principal performer.


One fusion style of dance that I created and love to teach is called “Afro-Groove”- a style in which I teach students the fundamentals of Afro-based dance forms (Congolese, Haitian, Yoruba, Senegalais) mixed with deep stretches, allowing students to find the “tribal beat” of their own bodies, and finishing the class with a choreographed combination that incorporates these movements. The choreography is a melding of the release and undulation of traditional Afro movements with the grace, strength, and balance of Modern and Jazz. 


In Madrid, I regularly teach dance classes  from studios such as El Horno, Danzation and Taio Doyo, focusing primarily on my "Video Clip" Style.  In "Video Clip",  I take inspiration from popular music videos for the choreography, making my classes extremely current, edgy and fun. This class incorporates a range of elements and styles - Street, Funky, Jazz, Latin and Hip-Hop- and sometimes African, Classical and Modern Contemporary. 


I currently teach Video Clip Dance Style to students at El Colegio de Nuestra Señora del Pilar, and often lead free workshops for children in Commercial Centers around Madrid at "Kids Time" family entertainment events. I also offer open dance classes, workshops, and masterclasses for adults and children regularly at various studios in Madrid, and beyond.

Training & Professional Affiliations:

  •  Columbia University (CC '02) B.A. - NYC
  • Barnard College Dance Department
  •  Alvin Ailey School & Extension - NYC
  •  Steps on Broadway- NYC
  •  Broadway Dance Center- NYC
  •  Djoniba Drum and Dance - NYC
  •  Munson Williams Proctor Inst. - Utica, NY
  •  Wild Irish Acres Dance - Cooperstown, NY
  • The Glimmerglass Opera- Cooperstown, NY
  •  Bridge for Dance - NYC
  •  Dance Base - Edinburgh, Scotland
  •  Dance Theatre of Ireland - Dublin
  •  Egurrola Dance Studio - Warsaw, Poland
  •  Studio Harmonic - Paris, France
  •  Caribbean Dance Studio - Stockholm
  •  Fred Astaire Dance - W. Palm Beach, FL
  •  Raices del Mundo - Madrid, Spain
  •  El Horno - Madrid, Spain
  • Danzation - Madrid, Spain
  • Taio Doyo - Madrid, Spain